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Mobile Services - We Come To You

One of our professional and qualified tutors will come directly to your home. We'll only tutor you in the area of expertise, that you need the most assistance in. This ensures you get the best value out of our coaching.

Using Our Services Is Easy!

Our services are easy to use. 1) Choose a subject you need the most assistance in. 2) Choose the course that best suits your needs and 3) Book a time for your first lesson. Then 4) Pay for just 1 lesson or purchase a series of lessons for a 10% discount.

Peak Performance Training

With our Pupils Accelerated Learning System ( P.A.L.S ), you'll learn faster than you could in a class room setting. Our Mobile Tuition Services can give you one on one specialized training and pinpoint any areas that we need to specifically focus on. If you are more comfortable in a classroom setting, we can schedule a 7.5 hour booking for you there instead!

Advance Your Career and Your Income

Are you fed up with the grind? Why not join us in an industry that is still growing at a phenomenal rate. You'll be surprised how easy it is to earn business trust, despite the growing number of web design companies in existence today. One reason for this is that only One Third of all websites are so far in WordPress. This incredible free source platform has been hailed as the 'bees knees' when it comes to a web design content management system, or CMS. P.A.L.S will take you further, as we teach you how to secure your websites, an aspect many designers are not serious enough about. We''ll teach you how to hide important aspects behind a 'firewall' and teach you how to raise the 'performance' factor, so that your websites shine above the rest! Start your new career today with P.A.L.S. You'll be surprised how fast you can learn to develop excellent websites!

Under The Magnifying Glass

We literally put WordPress under the magnifying glass, when designing the P.A.L.S WordPress course. Leaving no stone un-turned, we focused on the importance of back-end knowledge, not just how the website looks to a client. It's one thing to have an attractive website, it's another to have, peak performance, versatility and sound S.E.O. The first website our founder developed has held number one in the world on the Google search engine for 13 years now for the key term it was developed for, despite many changes in Google's algorithms over the years and how they view website ranking.

We Work To Your Schedule

We realize you're busy these days. That's why we offer flexibility. We offer you up to three time slot choices (visible on desktop only). We also offer a mobile service. If coming to a class room setting doesn't suit, or you love the environment and comfort of your own home, then we can teach you in your home or office at no extra investment to you!

Our 1 Day Comprehensive WordPress Web Design Course From The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office Is Just $545 Incl !

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