Pupils Accelerated Learning System

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"P.A.L.S - Pupils Accelerated Learning System - Home Schooling - Website Design"

1. What Is P.A.L.S?  Pupils Accelerated Learning System

2. What Ages Do You Teach?  All ages from 15 and over

3. Do I Need A Computer?  Mobile & online lessons only

4.  Do I Need Experience?   None at all…we make it easy!

5.  Can I Really Learn In 1 Day?  Yes of course you can!

6.  Do I receive a certificate?  Yes a P.A.L.S Certificate

Follow Up Paid Training
  • Follow Up Training is booked in 1 hour plus blocks
  • Each session is just $40 for 1 hour of pro coaching
  • You’ll install the software and view our screen training
  • Simply use V.O.I.P to connect with your session Tutor
  • We email you the link and a login code for your session

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Review Our Portfolio

"P.A.L.S - Pupils Accelerated Learning System - Home Schooling - WordPress Website Design"

A: P.A.L.S offers the flexibility of learning at your own pace

7.5 Hrs Personal Online Training + 43 easy to follow videos

Alternatively mobile tutors can come to your Home/Office

A: Mobile calls must be 18 yrs or older or a parent present

Students aged 15 to 17 can attend our student group class

A: Your own computer is used so you can save your progress

In class all P.A.L.S students are provided with a desktop pc

You may bring a laptop of your own to class too if you wish

A: No experience is necessary as our lessons are easy to follow

  Your new skills will open doors you’ve not thought of before

  Gain experience in design and sell turn-key business sites

  We focus on only what is necessary for accelerated learning

  You’ll be able to complete a great website from start to end

  Then continue with our free WordPress online video series

  Our library contains 43 handy WordPress Tutorial Videos

  Your certificate is not a recognized NZQA qualification

  It indicates that you have intermediate WordPress training

  You require this for our more advanced WordPress course

  Our training is also a fraction of the cost of other courses

Follow Up Free Videos/Resources
    • You also have our 43 Free Follow Up Videos & Resources
    • Most resources are free for all mobile and online students
    Your investment of $295 secures course placement.
    A Balance of $250 paid prior to your appointment.
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