What You’ll Learn On Day 1

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"P.A.L.S - Pupils Accelerated Learning System - Home Schooling - Website Design"

# 1 – WordPress (WP): What Is It?

# 2 – Installation: Installing the WordPress Core Files

# 3 – CMS: Content Management System

# 4 – WYSIWYG: Content Editor (said ‘Wissy-wig’)

# 5 – Text Editor: Content Editor (PHP/HTML Editor)

# 6 – Themes: Selecting A Great Theme

# 7 – Plugin Installation: Install A Backup Plugin

# 8 – Plugin Installation: Install A Suitable Cache

# 9 – Plugin Installation: Install The Firewall

# 10 – Theme Installation: Install Our Parent Theme

# 11 – Theme Installation: Install Our Child Theme

# 12 – Admin Dashboard: How we use our Dashboard

# 13 – Admin Dashboard: Selecting Suitable Settings

# 14 – Admin Dashboard: We Back Up The Site

# 15 – Admin Dashboard: Install Our Core Plugins

# 16 – Admin Dashboard: Selecting Plugin Settings

# 17 – Admin Dashboard: Plugins explained more

# 18 – Admin Dashboard: Customization Settings

# 19 – Admin Dashboard: How To Create A Post

# 20 – Website Design: We Start Web Designing

# 21 – Website Design: Continue Web Designing

# 22 – Website Design: Continue Web Designing

# 23 – Website Design: Continue Web Designing

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Review Our Portfolio

"P.A.L.S - Pupils Accelerated Learning System - Home Schooling - WordPress Website Design"

# Benefits explained & why 33% of websites are already WP

# See how easy installation is, as we prepare the CMS

# What is a Content Management System?

# The ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (Visual) Editor

# The page Code (Text) Editor alternative in WordPress

# Premium and Free Themes and where to find them both

# We install our backup plugin and create our first backup

# We install our cache plugin and explain how it works

# We install our firewall plugin and create our settings

# We install our chosen Parent Theme for our website

# We install the Parent’s Child Theme and explain it in full

# Inside the Admin Dashboard Area explained in detail

# Inside the Admin Dashboard we configure our settings

# We backup our entire WordPress Site, saving it to the PC

# We install the rest of our Core WP Plugin Framework

# We configure the various Plugin’s that we’ve installed

# We review the Plugins we’ve selected and how to update

# We configure the Customization Tab and explain Widgets

# We create our first Blog Post and publish it to the web

# We create our first page ‘Contact Us’, along with its form

# We create our second page ‘About Us’, about our business

# We create our third page ‘Home’, our feature home page

# We create our fourth page ‘Services’, our products/services

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